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Welcome to the Home of the National Brewers

The National Brewers were founded in the summer of 1968. The Brewers were the most dominant amateur hockey team, in Baltimore Maryland, during the 1970’s. This is known today as ‘old time hockey’; no facial protection, full contact and some real hockey fights. Sponsored by the National Brewing Company to promote National Bohemian Beer, the club reached the pinnacle in 1974-75, the second of 5 consecutive Chesapeake Hockey League playoff championships. During this season, the National Brewers finished with a perfect regular season record of 20 wins, 0 losses and 0 ties. Two more regular season and three more playoff championships followed. During a three year period, from 1974-75 thru 1976-77, the team had a league record of 55-4-1 and achieved an overall record, including non league and playoff games, of 75-9-2. Local newspaper story headlines included ‘Brewer’s Title Continues Dynasty’ and within that story, ‘The beer men who have single-handedly dominated the local amateur ice hockey league in recent years captured their fourth straight league title’. The team’s name began changing in 1977 to the Tuborg Brewers, then in 1979 to the Columbia Brewers and in 1982 to the National Premiums. Despite the name changes, the team was still referred to simply as ‘The Brewers’. This site,, chronicles the definitive history of the Brewers hockey team from the inception in 1968 through the mid 1980’s.

7 Time Chesapeake Hockey League Champions!!